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We launched Next Move Consulting because we want to see you thrive in your career journey. We’ve each had seasons of career wandering and second-guessing and grappling. Those seasons can feel overwhelming and lonely.

Your career journey doesn't have to be overwhelming. 
We’re on a mission to help you find your next career move, and to help make your process more focused and less stressful.
We are experts at helping you make sense of your process.
We help our clients consider their strengths, interests, skills, values, and personality in order to make informed career decisions — whether that means starting idea generation from scratch or coaching on a specific task, like writing a resume or prepping for an interview. 


We know how personal and intricate career decision-making can be. We also know how helpful it can be to have someone who’s not a stakeholder in the decision (no offense, family and friends!) serve as a sounding board, strategist, and accountability partner as you navigate whatever challenge you’re facing. 

We see ourselves as partners in your process. You’re the captain of your professional journey and your life. We’ll help you design the map to get where you’re going.


Alexandra Colina, MEd, LPC

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The biggest joy in my life is seeing other peoples dreams come true.


I am here to take the stress out of your career change. Since 2017 I have loved helping clients make career changes successfully in various industries and backgrounds. With this passion and experience I am confident that together we can find your next move. I have gained expertise helping clients through career transitions to powerfully answer the common question "what am I doing with my life?"

I have worked with a diverse group of clients from all over the globe. I've loved supporting college students, twenty somethings, returning mothers, educators, non-profit professionals, L&D professionals, sales professionals, retirees, and those just exploring.

I provide guidance and accountability throughout the process. First we get to know each other and assess what barriers are blocking you from making a change. From there we assess for your Core Career Themes through values assessments, skills inventory activities, and personality assessment programs. I have experience working with Myers Brigss, Gallup Strengths, and DiSC. I am a proud TRACOM Associate and reseller for the TRACOM Group, a leader in Social Intelligence. I would love to coach you or your team through TRACOM Social Style, Versatility, and Resilience programs.

I can't wait to put my career magic to good use and empower you to be confident and achieve your goals.


  • Salary Negotiation Specialist - AAUW Certified Facilitator

  • TRACOM Social Style & Versatility Certified Instructor

  • TRACOM Resilience Certified Instructor


  • M.Ed in Counseling - DePaul University

  • 5+ years advising and counseling, ages 19-54

  • 700+ hours of supervised clinical training


Mary Wendel, MEd, LPC

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So often what we do subtly becomes synonymous with who we are; this notion can make career decisions feel very weighty. I help people think critically about how to integrate their career as one facet of building a meaningful life, and help them make decisions accordingly. I have supported more than 500 individuals in navigating career decisions, ranging from big picture exploration to nitty-gritty tactics like writing resumes and deciding when to follow-up on a job interview.  

I have held roles in career advising and leadership development at Loyola University Chicago and University of Chicago Booth School of Business, respectively. I have taught career development courses to undergraduate students at Loyola University Chicago and to graduate counseling students at DePaul University. Prior to entering the career development profession, I spent seven years at a leading global PR agency where I managed day-to-day client relationships, oversaw and mentored junior staff, and helped facilitate development for a robust post-graduate internship program. 

My career journey has been marked by one major pivot and several values-based transitions since then; each transition has yielded new growth and more freedom when it comes to how I view my career identity. While each person’s story is unique, my career experiences help me empathize with my clients and create space for imagining new possibilities. 

I am a wife and a mom of four who have rocked my world in the best ways possible. I hold an M.Ed. in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago, IL and a B.A. in Media Communication and Public Relations from Taylor University in Upland, IN.

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