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when you work with us

It all starts with an authentic connection. We want you to feel heard and understood every step of the way.


In our consultation call, we'll get to know each other and determine what services would be best for your unique journey. If you want to move forward, we'll send you a client agreement, and we'll begin our sessions, where the real work begins. 


We work with each client to determine the unique goals of our work together.

Some clients want a thought partner as they choose a path, while others need help with specific tasks like job search and professional materials development. 

The average client has 4-6 sessions.


You're the captain of your own journey. All captains need compasses to keep you on track.


We help break down big goals into smaller steps and keep you accountable as you follow through.


We're cheering you on until you've achieved your goals! 

Then we celebrate and part ways when you're ready.



We help our clients move from feeling stuck to making progress. Seeing you grow is our first priority.


In our individual coaching sessions, we listen, clarify the specific challenge(s) you want to tackle, and partner to find solutions.


You'll do work both in and out of our sessions because this is your journey and you've got to own it. We help shape the structure and provide accountability.

Our client commitment:

  • We will be caring, empathetic, positive, empowering, and trustworthy

  • We will offer perspective and serve as a sounding board

  • We will help you find new ways of seeing obstacles

  • We will be honest and straightforward in providing feedback to help you grow

  • We will focus on the present, rather than dwelling on or seeking to rectify the past

  • We will use evidence-based techniques to inform our work together

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