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Terms & Policies

Next Move Consulting is a professional development and career coaching company, and not a substitute for professional therapy. Consulting is not psychotherapy. Should it become clear during sessions that you need psychotherapy services (diagnosis, treatment, medication) our team will refer you to other professionals who can provide these services.


Provide individuals and organizations with career development consulting services, including helping individuals and organizations increase in career discernment, career planning, career resilience, and career effectiveness (i.e. leadership development). Our career consulting work includes helping clients navigate current challenges through goal-setting and taking action on those goals.

Please contact a mental health professional for all emergency medical needs.


Any cancelations made less than 24 hours in advance of a session will be billed at the full session rate. 


Upon request of the client, coaching sessions will be recorded, with audio (mp3) files available upon request.


As we identify your goals, we will also identify a timeline for when our professional consulting relationship will come to an end. We want you to move toward self-directed growth and autonomy, which means that our relationship was never designed to be long-term. 

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