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We work with clients across all stages of career development and across a variety of industries. We are based in Chicago, but we support clients nationwide through virtual career coaching sessions. 


It's our priority to meet each individual where they are at, which includes honoring the diverse identities, experiences, and values you bring to our work together.


Recent Grads

It's a whole new world out there. Let's figure out how you fit into it.


Experienced Professionals

You know yourself. You're at a crossroads, and you need a little help from an objective voice to bounce ideas and clarify next steps.



Career Changers

You've tried something(s), and now you know more about what you want and don't want. Time to decide what is next, with structure and support.


Unexpected Changes

It wasn't the news you hoped to hear, yet it may open up new possibilities you never would have otherwise considered.


Young Professionals

You're a twenty-something getting established. You might want to talk managing up, moving up, or moving on.


Moms At

All Stages

SAHM, WAHM, full-time or part-time working moms, we're ready to help you make values-based decisions that make sense for you and your family.


First Dream Job

After six weeks of work together, a recent graduate identfied and landed his first dream job in a non-profit organization.

Increased Salary

After guided research and in-session scripting and rehearsal, a marketing professional successfully negotiated an increased salary offer.

Returning Mom

After a ten-year career pause, we coached a professional mother to refresh her resume and cover letter. She returned to the education system with confidence.  

Career Changer

A dissatisfied retail professional wasn't sure where to pivot. We used self-assessment and reflection to help her transition into a role in people growth. 

Success Stories
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