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Client Agreement


With respect to your right to privacy, all information shared in the sessions is kept private and confidential. As a general rule, I will only release information from your sessions if you give written authorization to do so.

I will only share confidential information with third parties when (a) disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to yourself or others, (b) possible child or elderly abuse or neglect is involved, (c) there is a court subpoena requesting your records, (d) you have a communicable, life-threatening disease, (e) required by federal or state law or (f) your consultant has a supervisor. The purpose of the supervisory relationship is to assist the consultant in providing the best services possible. In a supervisory relationship, all cases are discussed without names or identity released.

Professional Boundaries

Consulting is a professional relationship and I will make sure to maintain our professional boundaries during and after our work together. Considerable experience shows that when boundaries blur, the hard-won benefits gained from the relationship are endangered.


Although I may make suggestions and have ideas and strategies for you to consider, you have the ultimate responsibility for the choices, plans, and actions that you take. At all times, you are in charge of what you choose to do or not do with the advice, suggestions, and ideas. At no time should you feel compelled to “please” your consultant by agreeing to a strategy that you question or doubt. Simply tell us that you don’t like that plan of action, and we will help you find another option or a better way to proceed. You, as a client, determine the agenda, goals, and timeline.

Consulting is not psychotherapy. Should it become clear during sessions that you need psychotherapy services (diagnosis, treatment, medication) your consultant will refer you to other professionals who can provide these services. A consultant will only offer advice and goal setting suggestions, not therapy.

Client Responsibility

You, the client, assume responsibility for your own results and outcomes. A consultant agrees to serve as a guide, advisor, and consultant in the area(s) identified by the client, however, the client is solely accountable for producing any and all results.

You, the client, agree to keep agreements, to regard our consultant appointment time frames with respect, and to keep a consultant informed as to what you need in order to keep moving forward. I take very seriously the role of your trusted advisor and will remain committed to your ultimate success. Please give me 24 hours notice to cancel a scheduled session in order to not be billed.

Payment for starting sessions signals your informed consent and acceptance of the consulting agreement.

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